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Empowering the Next Generation of AI Entrepreneurs

Hakan, Ester and Arta for the AI-Bootcamp, powered by BoltChatAI

Over the past few months, our co-founders, Hakan and Ester, have been actively involved in the AI Empowering Youth Bootcamp—an initiative led by AI expert Arta Statovci, supported by the German government and the Republic of Kosovo.

This unique program equips youth with in-demand AI skills, entrepreneurial know-how and global AI industry connections to empowering them to become changemakers who drive both business success and social impact.

About the AI-Bootcamp

The “AI-Bootcamp – AI Empowering Youth” is a remarkable example of using AI for good. Initiated by London-based AI expert Arta Statovci, this national AI project, supported by GiZ and the Ministry of Labour, Transfer and Finance of the Republic of Kosovo, equips young people from underserved communities with essential skills for the AI era.

This first-of-its-kind program blends expertise in AI tech, AI entrepreneurship and AI-powered remote business to ensure these youth can thrive.

Partnering with leading companies and experts from Silicon Valley, London and Singapore—like IBM, Simplified AI, Blackcube, Artisse AI, Numarics and us at BoltChatAI—the AI-Bootcamp is all about empowering individuals to build meaningful and profitable AI careers.

No matter where they come from or their socio-economic background, gender or culture, participants completed real-world AI projects with minimal investment, attracting global customers willing to pay six to seven figures while making a real impact in their communities.

The Challenge

Driven by a powerful mission, BoltChatAI teamed up with the AI program founder to unlock the potential of talented youth from underserved communities. Our goal was to test these AI projects in some of the largest AI markets, proving that with the right skills, anyone can compete globally and secure high-value clients, regardless of their location, financial status, gender, or culture.


Using BoltChatAI-powered end-to-end automated research, AI projects were sent for qualitative testing and evaluated across various industries in the US and UK:

  1. PMF = True Product-market fit
  2. Interest from 6-7 figure clients, consumers, investors
  3. Key areas for improvement for market adoption

Results & Impact

BoltChatAI research found that 100% of AI projects developed as part of the AI-Bootcamp achieved exceptional success, drawing interest from consumers, clients and investors ready to pay or invest 6 to 7 figures for the AI projects addressing the market need (PMF). Empowered by this success, participants boldly launched their AI projects in beta, setting the stage for business growth and social impact right from the start.

Matrix AI: Diellon Bytyqi, AI Engineer

Challenge: 70% of businesses are already using AI in some capacity, but only a fraction are seeing the results they want. Matrix AI delivers a personalised, revenue roadmap with AI within 24 hours.

Investment Interest: Decision-makers are labeling Matrix AI a “cash-printing machine” and are eager to invest up to half a million dollars.

BoltChatAI Consumer Quote “I feel the profit realisation would be the most insightful to help me realise what AI is actually helping me to achieve my profit standpoint.”

Abled AI – Meet Ally: Endrit Morina, Inclusive AI Specialist

Challenge: 1.5 billion persons with disabilities across the world. Abled AI is the first AI-powered platform that enables a more inclusive world with the “Ally” platform.

Investment Interest: 80% of respondents expressed willingness to pay for Abled AI solutions, with some even quoting figures exceeding $100,000 to make their workplaces more inclusive.

BoltChatAI Consumer Quote: “These tools could give a voice to someone who doesn’t have one… Could help promote a whole new workforce that was previously forgotten about.”

AVA Allergy Virtual Assistant: Shkurte Hajredini, AI-powered Food Technologist

Challenge: 200 million children worldwide suffer from allergies. AVA is the first Allergy Virtual Assistant that predicts, prevents and protects children from allergies.

Investment Interest: Consumers, clients and investors are prepared to pay up to $2 million to safeguard children’s lives with AVA.

BoltChatAI Consumer Quote: “I like that this service focuses on prevention and early detection because this helps improve patient awareness and helps shift healthcare away from costly treatments.”

3D Prosthetics and Implants Powered by AI: Maltin Hajdari, Founder of MH Labs

Challenge: 1 billion people rely on or need artificial components to enhance their abilities. MH Labs creates custom-made, yet accessible prosthetics powered by AI, allowing people to experience life to the fullest.

Investment Interest: Customers in the USA are ready to pay up to $2 million for custom-made prosthetics, fuelling our mission to democratise access for all. After the USA results, demand for our solution skyrocketed across Turkey, Poland and beyond.

BoltChatAI Consumer Quote: “I feel like I would 100% use it because it would make people’s lives easier.”

Hormonise; Clirimtare Aliu – AI-powered Chemist & Fitness Trainer

Challenge: 80% of women struggle with weight loss due to hormonal changes. Hormonise is the first hormone-based fitness app.

Investment Interest: 1-2 million dollars – clients, customers and investors are ready to invest in Hormonise, which was developed with almost ZERO prior costs.

BoltChatAI Consumer Quote: “I think that this idea is amazing because the workouts will all be different depending on the person’s hormonal cycle.” “It’s almost like hiring a personal trainer or health advisor, just without them physically with you.”

BoltChatAI powered AI-Bootcamp

Our Partners:

Our Head of Innovation and Co-Founder, Ester Marchetti, said – “Businesses like ours see collaborating with and investing in youth as crucial because their diverse perspectives and innovative solutions drive technological advancements and social impact, revealing the world they shape. The AI Bootcamp, led by Arta Statovci, stands out by preparing youth for the AI-driven future through practical skills in AI, entrepreneurship and real-world projects.

Most importantly, it empowers them to confidently launch impactful initiatives and shape their own future. A highlight of our experience was witnessing the youth’s experimentation with AI solutions translate into practical projects that offer businesses and governments substantial ROI in fostering economic growth, innovation, and a sustainable future.”

AI-Bootcamp Founder, Arta Statovci, said – “While many AI founders chase hype, Hakan and Ester at BoltChatAI prioritise lasting value and a meaningful legacy. Working with them has been incredibly rewarding as their forward-thinking approach to AI and its transformative potential is inspiring. I strongly recommend them to any business aiming to leverage AI for both business growth and social impact.”

Deputy Minister of Ministry of Finance, Labour and Transfers at Republic of Kosovo, Mr Agon Dobruna, said – “The closing ceremony today in Pristina to honour the achievements of our young people, who successfully completed AI Empowering Youth through Artificial Intelligence training supported by GIZ, as a serious MFPT partner.

The results we hear today are a key that opens new doors and great opportunities for their future. For our country, investing in young people’s skills is essential for a sustainable and successful future. Youth trained in Artificial Intelligence will be the key force behind a new and innovative economy, contributing to economic growth and social development. This is an investment that will bring great benefits to all of us.”

Interested in the AI-Bootcamp or AI-powered research for your country or business? Connect with AI-Bootcamp founder Arta Statovci and get involved in empowering the next generation of AI impact entrepreneurs. Curious to find out more about BoltChatAI? Hit the button in the top right and book a demo with one of the team and find out how we can help you conduct qualitative research at a scale and speed like never before!

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