What is it?

Successfully launching a product or service requires confirming its market viability.

BoltChatAI provides an innovative market validation solution, helping teams gauge market interest, demand, and potential challenges.

Why Use It?

Informed Market

Deepen your grasp of the market by understanding customer needs, preferences and the existing gaps.

This insight allows your business to tailor offerings more precisely, meeting demands and exceeding expectations.

Risk Reduction

Minimise the risks associated with new product launches by validating concepts in advance. This proactive approach ensures that every launch is backed by solid research and understanding, significantly reducing the likelihood of setbacks.


Empower your strategic decisions with robust, data-driven insights. Understanding market readiness equips you with the knowledge to navigate with confidence, ensuring decisions are both timely and well-grounded.

Competitive Analysis

Sharpen your competitive edge by furthering your understanding of where your business stands in the market.

Identifying your unique selling propositions not only differentiates you from competitors, but also highlights potential areas for innovation and improvement.

How to Leverage It


Audience Setting, Burning Question, AI Creating the Chat Prompt
Define your target audience and key objectives for the creative test. Formulate a central question or goal for the testing, such as understanding a particular demographic's reaction to a creative concept.

Stimulus Upload

Upload your creative concepts into the BoltChatAI platform. This can include visual ads, copy, video or any other creative materials.

AI Chat

BoltChatAI will create a discussion guide to address your research objective, which you will be able to review and approve.

The AI moderator will engage with respondents in a chat format, probing deeper into the analysis and gaining qualitative insights.

Chat with AI Report

After a chat session, BoltChatAI will create a detailed report summarising findings, insights, including notable consumer responses. This report helps evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of creative concepts from different perspectives.

Users can use ReportAI to pose additional questions to the AI moderator and explore key insights further.
See the AI-powered Qualitative Market Research in action with a personalised demo.

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