What is it?

Early-stage creative testing is pivotal to making sure advertisements connect with target audiences in a relevant and inclusive way. 

BoltChatAI revolutionises this process by providing an AI-powered platform that enables advertisers to test and refine their creative concepts swiftly and effectively.

Why Use It?

Accurate Audience Insight

Gain a deeper understanding of your target audience's reactions to your creatives, enabling finer adjustments for greater resonance and engagement. This insight is key to crafting more effective marketing strategies.

Speed and Efficiency

Move beyond the slow pace of traditional testing methods. BoltChatAI provides rapid feedback, streamlining the refinement process and enhancing your ability to make rapid, informed decisions.

Innovative Approach

Embrace the forefront of technological innovation in your marketing efforts. Stay ahead of the curve by employing cutting-edge technology to test and refine your advertising strategies.

How we helped Vodafone gain valuable consumer insights

When Vodafone needed to gauge customer responses to their annual Christmas campaign, they turned to the power of BoltChatAI.

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How to Leverage It


Audience Setting, Burning Question, AI Creating the Chat Prompt
Define your target audience and key objectives for the creative test. Formulate a central question or goal for the testing, such as understanding a particular demographic's reaction to a creative concept.

Stimulus Upload

Upload your creative concepts into the BoltChatAI platform. This can include visual ads, copy, video or any other creative materials.

AI Chat

BoltChatAI will create a discussion guide to address your research objective, which you will be able to review and approve.

The AI moderator will engage with respondents in a chat format, probing deeper into the analysis and gaining qualitative insights.

Chat with AI Report

After a chat session, BoltChatAI will create a detailed report summarising findings, insights, including notable consumer responses. This report helps evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of creative concepts from different perspectives.

Users can use ReportAI to pose additional questions to the AI moderator and explore key insights further.

BoltChatAI gave us directional confirmation on our messaging and helped guide us. I would absolutely use this tool again.

Trudy Frection
CMO / Copptech

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