Vodafone Christmas Ad Campaign Evaluation

Shaping Consumer Perception and Engagement

Accurate Audience Insight

At BoltChatAI, we pride ourselves on driving fast, actionable qualitative insights for brands, and our partnership with Vodafone was no exception. Vodafone approached us to help refine and optimise their Christmas ad campaign through AI-driven qualitative research, gauging how campaign perception would influence purchase intent and brand perception.

A global telecommunications giant, Vodafone is an established leader in the UK telecoms sector. Seeking to gauge pre-launch customer reaction to their annual Christmas campaign, they needed to understand how the ad resonated with their target audience and influenced perceptions, ultimately impacting future consideration.

Research Challenge

Vodafone entrusted BoltChatAI with the task of evaluating customer reactions to their Christmas campaign within a specific target audience. The focus was on understanding how the ad resonated with UK residents who have children, particularly those who were non-users of Vodafone.

Bolt was tasked with conducting all qualitative interviews and delivering the insight report summary within 24 hours.

“Agile and quick turnaround test that helped us gauge reactions to our campaign and gave us reassurance that no major optimisations were needed.”

Nisha Khimji
Consumer Insights Manager, Vodafone

Approach and Solution

Through precision custom targeting, our AI moderators conducted qualitative interviews with the target audience.

Employing custom screening, we conducted AI-driven qualitative interviews tailored to UK residents meeting specific criteria.

By engaging non-users of Vodafone who had children, we delved into nuanced insights that illuminated key areas for improvement in the ad&’s messaging, as well as identifying elements that resonated positively with the target audience, fostering meaningful engagement.

Outcome and Business Impact

Understanding consumer reaction to gauge purchase intent

The qualitative insights garnered provided Vodafone with a nuanced understanding of the ad’s impact on their target consumer group in the UK. By dissecting the campaign’s messaging, tone, and content, Vodafone gained valuable insights into how these factors were set to influence purchase intent and brand perception.

Armed with these findings, Vodafone was able to refine and optimize future campaigns, ensuring a more resonant and impactful connection with the campaign.

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