Danone: Protein-Packed Insights to Cultivate Wellness

Unlocking Insights to Drive Product Impact and Growth Opportunities

Harnessing Consumer Insights to Propel High-Protein Yogurt Innovation and Growth

As a global leader in the food and beverage industry, Danone have long been committed to bringing health through food to as many people as possible. With a diverse portfolio of products that cater to various nutritional needs, Danone continues to innovate and adapt to evolving consumer trends.

Turning to us, Danone sought to leverage BoltChatAI’s unique ability to precisely target their audience and obtain instant insights needed to validate and optimise their initiative.

At BoltChatAI, we empower brands with advanced AI-driven consumer insights. Our agile and cost-effective qualitative research platform enables brands to make informed decisions, quickly extract actionable insights and gain a deeper understanding of their market and customers.

About Danone

Founded in 1919 by Issac Carasso, Danone's first yogurt factory was located in Barcelona. The name "Danone" actually refers to Issacs' son "Little Daniel". 

In 1929, ten years after its founding, Daniel took the Danone brand to Paris, where the global headquarters have remained eversince.

Fast-forward over 100 years to the modern day, Danone's YoPRO division stands out as a high-protein yogurt line designed to meet the demands of health-conscious consumers seeking nutritious, protein-packed options.

As the trend towards healthy, protein-rich nutrition grows, YoPRO faces the challenge of refining its brand strategy to ensure it continues to stand out in the highly competitive high-protein yogurt market.

This challenge required a deep dive into consumer perceptions and behaviours to uncover insights that would drive growth and strengthen YoPRO's market position.

Research Challenge

Danone sought to refine YoPRO’s brand strategy by understanding the underlying triggers and barriers that influence purchasing decisions in the high-protein yogurt segment.

The objective was to gain a comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviour across different markets and demographics, particularly focusing on the nuances that drive purchase decisions and loyalty among various consumer groups. This understanding was crucial for identifying opportunities to enhance consumer engagement and optimise future product launches.

"Working with Bolt Insight has been transformative for the Danone global dairy team. Their ability to deliver qualitative insights at scale has provided invaluable insights about our key target audience, enabling us to drive brand strategy with confidence. Their dedication to excellence and deep understanding of our needs truly sets them apart. Last but not least, their team service ensures a seamless and enjoyable collaboration."

Claire Borre
Global Strategy & Insights Lead, Danone

Approach and Solution

Danone utilised BoltChatAI’s AI-driven platform to conduct qualitative research across four markets.

By interviewing 320 consumers using visual stimuli of YoPRO products, the study explored triggers and barriers to consumer purchasing habits for high-protein yogurt.

After analysing 6,400 lines of bespoke feedback from consumers around the world, BoltChatAI provided Danone with rapid, actionable insights into consumer preferences, routines and the impact of product features on purchase decisions. BoltChatAI spoke to consumers in their native language and translated it all for Danone. 

Outcome and Business Impact

The research provided a deep understanding of consumer behaviour across different markets.

Danone used these insights to refine YoPRO’s brand messaging, improving engagement and brand loyalty. Understanding consumer preferences allowed for optimised product launches and growth.

The feedback identified commercial opportunities, enabling informed decisions and strengthening YoPRO’s market position. Leveraging BoltChatAI’s AI-driven research, Danone gained strategic advantages in a competitive landscape.

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