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From Surveys to Synergy: Insights From Quirk’s London

Hakan from Bolt Insight and Connor from Whyte & Mackay presenting on-stage at Quirks in London

On May 8th – 9th 2024, the BoltChatAI team took the short trip away from Bolt HQ in London to head Quirk’s! One of the most anticipated events in market research, Quirk’s is always on our events calendar.

Exploring Consumer Insights with BoltChatAI

One of the highlights for us was seeing BoltChatAI in the spotlight! This year, our CEO Hakan took to the stage alongside Connor from Whyte & Mackay for our presentation “Decoding Scotch: Unveiling Consumer Perceptions in the World of Whiskey.” During this session, Hakan and Connor delved into the intricacies of consumer perceptions surrounding Scotch and other whiskies.

Whyte & Mackay have been using BoltChatAI to explore consumer associations, preferences and common misconceptions. The presentation showcased how AI can revolutionise consumer research, providing rapid, qualitative insights that are both cost-effective and agile. This innovative approach demonstrated the potential of AI in driving deeper consumer engagement and more informed marketing strategies.

For those who couldn’t attend the event…we have some good news! We recorded our entire presentation and it’s now available for you to watch. Click below to watch full presentation. Alternatively, you can head over to our YouTube channel to view it, alongside our other videos.

Networking and Innovations at Quirk’s

Beyond the presentations, Quirk’s London was a brilliant hub for networking and exchanging ideas. The event provided a perfect setting for attendees to connect, share experiences and discuss the latest trends in market research.

As we reflect on Quirk’s, it’s clear that the future of market research is bright, with AI playing a pivotal role in that. The insights gained from AI-moderated interviews are not only rapid but are also rich, providing brands with the data they need to innovate and engage effectively. Qualitative research at scale has landed!

If you enjoyed our presentation and are curious about how BoltChatAI can revolutionise your consumer research, why not book a demo with our team and discover for yourself how our AI-driven insights can transform your approach to market research! Click the ‘Book a Demo’ in the top right to schedule your demo today and take the first step towards more agile and impactful consumer insights.

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