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Empowering Brands for Growth: Horizon and Bolt Unveil Strategic Partnership to Innovate with Confidence

Mainz/London, Jan 22th, 2024 – Horizon and Bolt Insight proudly announce a strategic partnership aimed at reshaping consumer research. In response to market research’s prevailing static and claim-based nature, both companies are uniting to usher in a new era of innovation. This strategic alliance is fueled by a shared commitment to providing dynamic, conversational, and behavior-driven consumer data in the pre-market phase.

This transformative collaboration seamlessly integrates Horizon’s validationOS and Bolt Insight’s advanced product, BoltChatAI, not as standalone tools but as complementary elements, offering businesses a more expansive and nuanced dataset. Acknowledging the diverse facets of consumer insights, the collaboration aims to offer a comprehensive solution for innovation, product development, and consumer insight teams.

Horizon, a leading B2B SaaS company, has excelled in enabling teams to validate market demand, predict market success, optimize positioning, assess price acceptance, and evaluate brand fit. Concurrently, Bolt Insight has pioneered BoltChatAI, an AI-powered qualitative research tool, to achieve qualitative results at scale within unprecedented lead times of 24 hours. This innovation drives faster consumer engagement and empathy, eliminating the traditional barriers and bottlenecks in the process. Together, these distinct contributions underscore the harmony between the two companies in enhancing the decision-making process.

Daniel Putsche, Co-Founder & CEO of Horizon, emphasizes the collaborative commitment to innovation, stating, “This partnership represents a joint effort to redefine how businesses approach critical product decisions. Horizon and Bolt Insight offer a wealth of insights, providing our customers with holistic and forward-thinking solutions.”

Hakan Yurdakul, Co-Founder & CEO of Bolt Insight, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the shared dedication to cutting-edge consumer research: “Teaming up with Horizon is not just a partnership; it’s an amplification of our joint commitment to pioneering consumer research. Our approaches seamlessly align, and together, we are confident in delivering dynamic and insightful business tools together.”

This collaboration underscores the collective commitment to empowering businesses with comprehensive decision-making tools. As two innovative players in the consumer research space, Horizon and Bolt Insight aim to provide businesses with a unique and holistic perspective on consumer research. The strategic partnership offers businesses a dynamic,

Please find the Horizon press kit and graphic assets here; Please find the Bolt press kit and graphic assets here.

About Horizon

Horizon is a B2B SaaS that helps innovation, product and consumer insight teams to validate consumer demand, predict market success, research best positioning, price acceptance and brand fit for strategic product decisions. Major European blue-chip companies have already made Horizon an integral part of their decision-making processes.

About Bolt Insight

Bolt Insight is a new-age, ESOMAR member, tech enabled market research company that can be used for quantitative and qualitative studies across +120 countries. Bolt Insight runs research using a proprietary diverse sampling methodology leveraging social and ad networks, consumer and B2B databases, programmatic to collect real insights from behaviourally targeted, real audiences. Bolt Insight’s new product, BoltChatAI: World’s first AI-automated qualitative research tool, aims to drive consumer centricity and empathy in organizations by providing Brief to Report in 24 hours.

For further information, please visit www.gethorizon.net and www.boltchatai.com.

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