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Pampered Pets: The Latest Trends in Pet Owners’ Buying Habits

a photo of a cat, the second most popular pet, wearing glasses and a cool jacket

Is the pet care industry adapting to the the ever-changing demands of pet owners? What impact does shifting preferences have and how are consumers’ shaping the future of pet products and services?

BoltChatAI, our AI-powered qualitative research tool, explored the dynamic world of pet care, uncovering new trends and behaviours that are transforming how we cater to our furry friends. Cat’s are the second most popular pet worldwide, putting them right at the top of priority lists of pet brands.

So…what does the data say?


Firstly, what are we aiming for? Our main objective was to understand the role that cats play in pet owners lives. What is an owners emotional connection to their cat? How does that effect their buying habits? Does cost effect buying decisions or do premium brands prevail? Using our real survey participants, BoltChatAI, our cutting-edge platform for direct consumer engagement, was able to look at how cat owners bond with their feline friends and identify what the typical consumer is looking for.

Methodology and Sample Definition

Our research consisted of qualitative insights gathered through BoltChatAI, our cutting-edge platform for direct AI-powered consumer engagement. We specifically targeted cat owners, both male and female, with all respondents living in the USA, the target area for this study.

We had a list of 20 carefully crafted questions, aiming to cover key themes in cat care. The questions were designed to not only to build an understanding of how owner’s emotional connections with their cats played out in specific day-to-day situations, but also explore core unmet needs and new opportunities within the premium cat care space. The insights gathered would highlight how premium products could enhance feline health and happiness, as well as better meet the needs of doting cat owners across the United States.

Pet Care Findings

The importance of health and well-being was a prominent theme across our respondents. Multiple owners stressed the desire to purchase premium food that addressed specific health issues, such as chewy treats to cater for sensitive stomachs or fibre-rich treats to encourage healthy bowel movements. Respondents showed a desire for quality food products with natural ingredients and specific health benefits.

The cost of cat care is a significant consideration. Some of our respondents indicated that they would make personal sacrifices to afford high quality products. This shows that cat owners will splash out if it benefits their cat’s physical wellbeing. Brand loyalty is also strong among cat owners, with many sticking to their preferred brand that they trust, even if it comes at a higher price. However, there is an openness to switching brands if new a product can offer clear health advantages.

“I think if there are good quality and premium products, it will be worth the money to spend on my cats well-being”

Age 27, Female

“Even if I had the toughest day at work. they make it so mentally stable for me when I walk in the door”

Age 47, Female

The Cat Connection

Our respondents showed interested in innovative products that could further their connection with their cats. Toys that encourage playing and interacting with their cats resonated with them. Online shopping platforms like Amazon and Chewy are among the preferred cat product providers. Their convenience and variety indicates that ecommerce is a key channel for reaching cat owners seeking out premium products.

Respondents also reported they felt a deep emotional bond with their cats during calm, personal moments. Moments of cuddling, returning from work or receiving affection from their cats strengthened their feeling for them. Additionally, many felt a heightened sense of connection when their cats participated in family celebrations.

We have so much more information to share with you, such as direct consumer quotes and a further look into cat’s life stages. If you would like to see the full report, click here or click the button below to check it out for yourself! If you like what you see, why not book a demo with one of the Bolt team? Just head to our homepage and click ‘Book a demo’ in the top right.

Read the full report here!

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