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Pooch Preferences: Navigating Current Trends in Dog Ownership

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Is the pet care industry keeping up with the pace of dog owners? In the second edition of our two-part series, we are looking at the changing preferences of dog owners. How are their views affecting the market and how are their habits driving the future of pet products?

BoltChatAI, our AI-powered qualitative research tool, dove into the bustling realm of dog care, revealing trends and behaviours that are reshaping the way we provide for our canine companions. So what did we discover?


Our main objective was to unravel the role of dogs in people’s lives. We wanted to dig into whether an owner’s emotional bond with their dog sways their decisions on pet products. Does the emotional value outweigh cost considerations? Are there unmet needs in the market we’re overlooking?

We wanted to uncover how this bond influences perceptions of dog brands, the emotional experiences owners share with their dogs and the openness towards new products. Additionally, we were keen on understanding dog owners’ attitudes towards dietary management and its impact on their pets’ health and weight.

In essence, we were not not just looking at what consumers buy their dogs, but why they choose it!

Methodology and Sample Definition

Using BoltChatAi, our cutting-edge platform for direct AI-powered consumer engagement, we were able to pull together qualitative insights gathered from the USA. We specifically looked for male and female dog owners and asked them 20 meticulously formulated questions, with each one designed to uncover essential aspects of dog care. With these questions, we were hoping to delve deeper and gain valuable insights into the owners’ emotional bonds with their dogs, while also identifying their unmet needs.

What are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to see what BoltChatAI found out about the dog care market and what consumers are considering!

Dedicated Dog Owners

BoltChatAI found that one of the top priorities for dog owners is the health and wellbeing of their pets. Dog owners tend to lean towards natural ingredient foods, with real meat ingredients taking a one of the top spots. They aren’t so much concerned about weight management if they maintain a consistent feeding schedule and portion size, but for those who don’t keep an eye on such maters, there is a desire for  dog foods that aid in weight management and health.

BoltChatAI also found that some dog owners are craving a better selection and quality level of chewable treats suited for small dog breeds. Dog owners’ are showing a clear inclination towards products that are durable and health-promoting. These premium dog products distinguish themselves through their improved quality, health benefits and their capacity to further the connection between dog and owner.

“I would love a toy that is high quality and very interactive. A toy that will engage her brain , and improve our overall bonding experience”

Age 29, Female

“My dog is quite picky when it comes to both food and toys so I typically buy a bunch and see which he caters too then buy similar looking and feeling toys”

Age 31, Male

Man’s Best Friend

Although these insights indicate that dog owners will pay more for products that benefit their pets, they are also conscious of the cost. Many of our respondents said they are open to changing brands for more affordable options or purchasing in bulk to get more for their money.

Many of our dog owners reported that they like to treat their dogs like a real member of the family. They celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays with them. Birthday cakes or “puppucchinos” seemed to be a recurring treat of choice! Lucky pooches.

There is so much more doggy data for you to dive into! To check out the full report just click here or click the button below. Want to find out more about the power of BoltChatAI? Book a demo with one of the Bolt team! Head back to our to our homepage and click ‘Book a demo’ in the top right.

Read the full report here!

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