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Unwrapping Gen-Z reactions to flagship brands 2023 Christmas Campaigns

That’s right, it’s almost December. And that means brands across the land are lining up to hit us right in the warm festive feels with their big annual Christmas ad campaigns!

This week, we’re bringing you the first of our 2 part series covering holiday advertising
in the UK and the US!

First up – the UK. Coca-Cola (The World Needs More Santas) and Marks & Spencer (Christmas Food) are two national seasonal staples when it comes to Christmas advertising. But how did Gen-Z’s reactions to these ads compare to older generations this year? Are these brands set to be the bringers of that warm fuzzy Christmas feeling, or are these types of big annual campaigns now missing the mark with younger viewers?

BoltChatAI – the World’s First AI-Powered Qualitative Research Tool uncovers the top need-to-know insights, as we gear up for Christmas, round 2023!


Generational Cheers: What do all generations have in common?

Heartfelt Connections: Emotion and Nostalgia

Gen Z and older consumers alike were swept away by the joy, excitement, and nostalgia these commercials stirred. Coca-Cola, especially, signaled the start of the season, with a unanimous “it feels like Christmas.”

Brand Charms: Perception and Influence

Beyond spreading cheer, the commercials shaped brand perceptions. Coca-Cola’s inclusivity and creativity earned praise, sparking purchase intent. Marks & Spencer’s showcase of festive delights left viewers eager to explore their offerings.

Memorable Delights: Elements and Engagement

From Santa in Coca-Cola’s ad to animated figures in Marks & Spencer’s, these commercials etched memories. Viewers recalled specific elements, highlighting the success of brand recall and engagement.

Gen Z vs. Older Audiences

Brand Perspectives:

Gen Z favored Coca-Cola for its broad appeal, while older consumers found comfort in Marks & Spencer’s quality and family-focused atmosphere.

Emotional Journey:

Gen Z embraced excitement and anticipation, while the older generation reveled in happy nostalgia, journeying down memory lane.

Purchase Power:

Both generations felt the influence, but older consumers were more likely to convert intent into a purchase, swayed by reinforced brand perceptions.

Festive Notes: Impactful Branding

Regardless of people’s age, both commercials drew people in, conjured up some of that elusive Christmas spirit, and created positive brand associations in the process. Gen Z crowned Coca-Cola, while the older generations embraced Marks & Spencer. The emotional connection and nostalgia crafted by these commercials aren’t just fleeting feelings, but vital for shaping brand perceptions and guiding purchase decisions.

Here’s to the magic of Christmas commercials and the joy they bring us, across the generations!

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