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Future Ink-vestments: Are Tattoo Enthusiasts Ready to Spend on Specialist Skincare

A person's arms with multiple tattoos on them, for BoltChatAI's tattoo report

In our latest investigation with BoltChatAI, we ventured into the vibrant realm of tattoos and skincare! From the delicate care of freshly inked designs to the long-term preservation of vibrant art, our exploration is centred on understanding the specific needs, preferences and potential market demand for tattoo-specific skincare solutions. Whether it’s ensuring the longevity of their ink or addressing unique skin concerns post-ink, we wanted to see if tattoo enthusiasts want these specialised products and how they fit into their body art lifestyles.


Our mission was to dive into the skincare routines of the tattooed, aiming to uncover the interest in skincare products specifically for tattooed skin. Do tattoo enthusiasts encounter unique skin issues? Are they open to purchasing products designed solely for tattoo care? We sought to identify their preferred products, explore the market’s current offerings, and determine their spending threshold for maintaining their tattoos.

Methodology and Sample Definition

Leveraging the advanced capabilities of our BoltChatAI market research insights platform, we connected with a diverse group of tattoo enthusiasts across the United Kingdom, specifically within the age bracket of 20 to 30 years. Through our bespoke questionnaire, we wanted to to delve deep into the world of tattoo care, beneath the surface, aiming to reveal the specific skincare needs and preferences of this dedicated demographic.

Ink Integrity

Through our research with BoltChatAI, we found that, not only was there was a significant emphasis on tattoo care among inked individuals, but also from respondents who don’t have any but are contemplating their first tattoo.

Respondents with tattoos highlighted the importance of a daily skincare routine, using an array of products like creams, powders and serums, showcasing a strong commitment to keeping their tattoo’s appearance and health. Similarly, future tattoo enthusiasts acknowledge the importance of dedicated tattoo skincare, expressing openness towards specialised products designed for tattoo care. This shows that there is widespread recognition for the importance tattoo maintenance across the board.

The choice to invest in specialist tattoo skincare hinges on multiple considerations. Our research found that respondents listen to recommendations’ from professionals, tattoo artists or dermatologists. These expert views significantly boosted consumer trust and purchase intent. Furthermore, the composition and characteristics of tattoo care products weigh heavily in a consumer’s decision-making processes. Respondents were found to favour gentle, non-abrasive formulae, prioritising products that offer moisturising advantages and contain ingredients known to preserve tattoo colour.

“I would like to see the benefit of my tattoo not fading as that is what’s most important.” – Male, age 23

“I would be more likely to buy a product if it was recommended by a tattoo artist as they know best and they know what products work.” – Female, age 23

Tattoo TLC

Respondents expressed a strong commitment to preserving their tattoos’ appearance, viewing them as substantial investments, financially and artistically. This dedication drives a willingness to allocate time and resources towards a specialised tattoo care routine, aimed at maintaining their personal artwork. There’s a clear desire for tattoo care products that not only enhance colour and provide sun protection but also deliver moisturising benefits. This feedback signals a keen interest in comprehensive care solutions that support the long-term condition and integrity of tattoos.

Respondents also showed a keen interest in exploring skincare products tailored for tattooed skin, demonstrating an openness to using creams, powders and serums specifically formulated to address the distinctive needs of their inked areas. Particularly, there’s a strong inclination towards products that promise to preserve tattoo colour and offer protection against damage. However, a notable gap in awareness exists, with several participants admitting they are not familiar with products that fulfil their tattoo care requirements. Consumers want it but don’t know where to find it, or if it even exists!

If you like what you see, why not check out our full report! it is available to download here. Immerse yourself in our detailed findings to truly understand the skincare needs of tattoo enthusiasts. Want to find out more and gain bespoke insights like these for your consumers? Book a demo with our team on our homepage and discover how BoltChatAI can unlock new perspectives and drive informed decisions in your market strategies.

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