Innovating the Future of Pet Insurance

Creating a Game-Changing Pet Insurance Model

Correlation Innovation Sprints: From a Blank Sheet to Consumer-Approved New Brand

Correlation wanted to create an exciting new pet insurance model that stood out from existing market options. With the usual innovation processes taking years and requiring substantial investment, they sought a faster and more efficient approach. in collaboration with brand storytelling agency Narrativity, Correlation utilised BoltChatAI’s advanced capabilities to innovate and test their concept in a flash.

At BoltChatAI, our fully automated AI-powered platform delivers consumer insights at speeds we once only dreamed of! Our agile and cost-effective qualitative research tool enables businesses to make strategic decisions, derive actionable insights, and gain a deep understanding of their target markets and customer needs.

About Correlation

Correlation has been backing insurance entrepreneurs around the world for 40 years.

Their growing number of specialist insurance partners currently span 13 countries, across 4 continents, and cover all core areas of the insurance ecosystem.

Research Challenge

Correlation set out on a mission to design a revolutionary pet insurance model. The goal was to create an innovative product that would stand out in the market while ensuring it resonated with consumers.

BoltChatAI and Narrativity took on the challenge of brainstorming, testing and refining concepts in a rapid, structured manner, ensuring no one was stuck chasing their tails!

"The process saved us 4 months of work, giving us insightful feedback that allowed us to get to a winning proposition within days. It has given us confidence to now execute."

Natalie Dinsdale
Chief Marketing Officer, Correlation

Approach and Solution

BoltChatAI and Narrativity collaborated through a structured sprint process.

Together, we came up with ideas and messages, tested them with target consumers and refined them based on feedback. Through multiple innovation sprints, we conducted 140 AI-automated interviews with consumers, generating nearly 5,500 lines of consumer feedback.

This process ensured that the final concepts were well-tested and highly effective. No stone was left unturned. 

"This is the new way to innovate. So fast, insightful, and a lot of fun. You get there quicker, cheaper and surer"

Greg Logan
Founder, Narrativity

Outcome and Business Impact

Rapid Innovation and Consumer-Driven Success

The innovation sprints enabled Correlation to transform a blank canvas into a consumer-approved brand in just over one week! Together we saved a significant amount time and money compared to traditional methods.

The instant consumer insights gained during the process allowed Correlation to confidently proceed with product development, knowing that the new brand was built on what consumers positively loved.

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