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BoltChatAI New Features

Here at Bolt, we are always striving to push the boundaries of innovation, redefining what’s possible for market research by developing new features that will take your BoltChatAI experience to the next level. Our dedicated development team is relentlessly refining and perfecting the next wave of features, designed to boost your consumer interactions and gain deeper insights.

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive month-by-month update list of our newest features, designed to deliver the wow-factor that sets BoltChatAI apart.

Update Notes – June 2024

Below you will find all of our updates from June 2024:

Audio Response

BoltChatAI now supports audio responses, allowing respondents to provide answers in audio format. These responses are automatically transcribed into text to ensure the capture of every spoken word. This feature enhances your data collection by combining the depth of audio with the convenience of text, providing a more comprehensive understanding of respondents’ sentiments.

Consumer Personas

The AI Moderator now segments respondents into three distinct personas, each with a name, description, key insights and a personalised image. This feature provides a thorough understanding of different audience segments, enabling more effective strategy tailoring. Coupled with our ‘Respondent Profile’ functionality which offers detailed consumer information, segmentation and comparison of results have never been easier.

Respondent Quality

Ensuring the quality and authenticity of data is crucial for reliable market research. Our AI Moderator now automatically detects untruthful responses by analysing conversation history for consistency. Combining this with our advanced bot detection system, BoltChatAI guarantees the delivery of authentic and reliable data.

New Country

We are pleased to announce the addition of Taiwan to our growing list of service areas, expanding BoltChatAI’s reach to 33 countries. This expansion allows for broader engagement and richer insights across diverse markets, providing new opportunities for connection and understanding.

Update Notes – May 2024

Below you will find all of our updates from May 2024:

Request Media

Introducing our “Request Media” function. This feature enables you to ask consumers to upload photos and videos directly during their chat sessions. If the uploaded media isn’t relevant to the initial question, the AI Moderator will recognise this and will prompt them to upload another that is more relevant. All uploaded media files can be accessed on the report page and exported to your device.

Sensitive Content

Navigating sensitive topics has never been smoother. In the past, AI prompts for sensitive content such as health-related discussions faced blocking issues. But thanks to our new and improved algorithm, our AI Moderator will handle these prompts and probe as it would any other subject, ensuring your projects proceed without a hitch.

Demo Video

To help you get up to speed with everything you can do with BoltChatAI, we’ve added a new how-to video to the project setup page. When you are creating a project, you will find a concise 3-minute demo video on the right-hand side, presented by our Co-Founder and Head of Innovation, Ester. This makes it easier than ever to get your first BoltChatAI project up and running!

New Countries Added

In our quest to expand BoltChatAI’s reach, we are thrilled to share that we have added Colombia, Chile and the Philippines to our growing list of service areas. This expansion not only opens up new avenues for you to connect and engage with audiences around the world but also broadens the scope of the unique BoltChatAI experience, inviting more people to discover our innovative capabilities.

Chat Guide Translation

BoltChatAI has always had translation capabilities, but now before you launch your project, you can review and edit the translations of your chat guides. This ensures your message resonates with diverse audiences. Throughout the consumer conversation, our AI Moderator will subtly refine the text to echo a natural, conversational tone, taking into account previous responses and the flow of dialogue.

Smart Probing

We’ve introduced the ability to spotlight up to 5 key questions. Just highlight your questions to the AI Moderator when you set your project up and we’ll make sure to dig even deeper into these areas, even if the consumers’ initial responses are already detailed. This means you can get into what’s crucial for your business, like specific details about a new product or pricing perceptions. With this new feature, you can unearth those gems of insight that answer your big questions.

Earn Free Credits

We’ve added a dedicated page where you can refer BoltChatAI to your network. For every successful referral, you’ll earn free credits that can be used towards your future projects. By participating in the referral program, you not only help others discover the innovative capabilities of BoltChatAI but also enhance your own user experience with additional resources at no extra cost. Start referring today and watch your credits grow!

Update Notes – April 2024

Below you will find all of our updates from April 2024:

Topic extraction

At the heart of every effective conversation lies the ability to grasp the essence of dialogue. Our new Topic Extraction feature is designed to distil the core topics from each interaction. On your report page, you will find a short summary of these topics, accompanied by key quotes. This ensures that you have a clear view of your audience interactions, enabling you to make informed decisions and fine-tune your engagement strategies.

Custom Categories

One size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to the nuances of understanding your audience. That’s why you can now add your own custom category values and define your target audiences, making sure your BoltChatAI chats are spot-on relevant and effective. It’s all about making the experience uniquely yours, going beyond our list to truly tailor to your specific needs.

Custom Screening Questions

To further refine the targeting and relevance of your interactions, we’ve introduced the option for you to add a third custom screening question. This addition lets you hone in on your audience with even greater precision, ensuring every conversation hits the mark and delivers maximum impact.

For more information, please also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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